Common Truck Accidents in the United States
Prevalent Truck Accidents in the United States

Rigs, or 18-Wheelers, are significant truck and trailers that weigh an common of 80,000 pounds. Their objective is to haul heavy loads for long distances. Skilled drivers of these rigs are needed to deliver those loads to a precise spot on a precise date. Their job is to stay alert and get the load to its destination on time.

Side collisions are one particular of the most standard accidents involving rigs. There are blind spots on the sides, in the front, and in the rear of rigs. The driver can’t see other vehicles when they are in those blind spots. Rig drivers ought to very first make a wide swing to the left in order to negotiate a appropriate hand turn otherwise, the rigs tires would hit the curb or any other object that might be in the way. Accidents most frequently occur when there is a vehicle in their blind spot and, when the driver pulls the rig to the left to make the proper hand turn, hits the vehicle and pushes it into a curb, off the road, or into oncoming site visitors. This type of accident can also occur at greater speeds when the driver of a rig alterations lanes on a highway but does not see a vehicle in its blind spot. Read more about estate planning lawyer in New York here.

Jackknifing is one of the most hazardous forms of accidents. This occurs when the weight of the trailer pushes the cab about until it is facing backwards. While this is happening, the trailer swings out of control into the road exactly where it will smash into any other vehicles in its path. These types of accidents generally happen when the roads are slippery, normally due to rain or snow and ice.

Rear-end accidents are also typical. Rigs are very heavy and it takes them considerably longer to stop than it does an common car. If there is not enough distance amongst the rig and the vehicle in front of it for the driver to cease, the rig will crash into the back of that vehicle. These accidents normally occur due to driver error. Injuries and deaths are high in accidents of this type.

Another prevalent accident involving rigs are rollovers. Rigs have a high center of gravity and rollover very easily. The most standard trigger is drivers that go into curves or turns to rapidly for road circumstances. When this occurs, the rig will slide into or rollover on any object in its path, which includes other vehicles.

The top contributing causes of these accidents, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, is driver error due to fatigue, inattention, and use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Other causes contain aggressive driving, such as tail gating or speeding, and improperly loaded cargo. Though the majority of rig drivers are skilled and practice secure driving, accidents do happen.